Zange – SLEEPY HOLLOW Lyrics


Witches feeling cautious
Body feel a bit nauseous
Puke all up on my shirt
My mind is a lil\’ bit cursed
Sleepy hollow walk this earth
These fuckers with you I merked
Red dot, bitch, i make it hurt
Like this motherfucking verse

Fucking shoot up the block, bitch
And now i smoke \’till I’m nauseous
I load up the fucking ruger and put three holes in your conscience
Bitch, I’m no friend of you
That’s the fucking end of you
Put another bitch in the grave ain\’t nobody saving you

One eight fucking seven leave your head inside a bag
Body floating down the river now, your momma felling sad
Grip her fucking nеck, \’cause, bitch, I need a reason to feel bad
Full metals cock back
Rolling up this gas \’till my brain splat

Falling out thе whip with my witch and we kinda faded
Tell her roll another blunt, so I can keep up my patience
Bitch, fuck the world
Middle fingers up now
Fuck you and yo girl
My army take your life now
Conquering the world

CRÜXX be with the knife
Pull up with the fucking nine
Shoot you straight into your eye
Mutherfucker have the time
Bitch, I’m ripping out ya spine
You know I’m one of a kind
Come and test you’re fucking nuts
End up with some split guts
Just don’t have the time
All these pussies are so blind
Call you out, you fake divine
Cut you leave, you out to die
I just don’t really have the time
Fuck you, you so full of lies
Bitch, I might just take my life
Fuck you, end in your demise

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