Three hots, feed \’em with the guns shots
Murder undercover now you sleeping on some blood clots
ZANGE shit kick rocks
Devil shit far from the underground
See i got a goth witch
Dick filling up her mouth

All you motherfuckers think you know me when you don\’t
Put the barrel to your head and grip your bitch by the throat
Love the way she call me daddy as I’m gripping make her choke
Look her in the eyes, see the devil marching under my control
Knife to the neck, stab loosing they composure
Blood on your blade, now you feeling like a soldier

Wet that bitch
Stab that bitch
Kill that bitch
Eat that bitch
All just for talking shit
Burn his ass in the ditch

I think your mothеrfuckers really slow
I’m about to empty, thirty clips tirеd of laying low
God of the sea because that pussy drippy flow
I put my witch on her knees and watch her lick it dick dip her throat

Knock, knock, knock
It’s the CRÜXX creeping through your door
Busting down that bitch
Yeah, I might just come and slit your throat
Leave you in a ditch
What happened guess they’ll never know
I’ve been creeping demons seeping, leave ya in the black smoke
I’ve been ridingaround, I keep the fucking pistol tucked
Keep the AK busting, if you want to run up
Release my demons, leave ya sleeping in the fucking dump
Never gave a fuck, you know I’m always booted up
Ridding around might just creep up in your window
Never gave a fuck never about a pussy, you a hoe
Fucked my head from all of them Benzos
Don’t let me catch you slipping end up in a hurst though
Me and ZANGE up on the beat about to fuck it up
Can’t hesitate leave ya, dripping make them clean it up
Leave ya six feet in the grave where you lay
No time to pray can’t hesitate
You’s a dead mane

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