Zange – MADNESS Lyrics


You know, there is a popular problem, which says that talking to yourself on the first sign of madness. Because constant things has to be constantly experiences to us. Constantly thinking about our experience, coding our experiences into work in. ?

Bite your face off
Now your mask off
Fade in the back with ya past lost
Everybody talk with their mask on
Hide behind the phone make it last long
Catch you fucking slipping
Now you feeding little fishes in the bog
At my dad home

Summon my army we knock down the gate
See now you suffering, bitch, it’s to late
Should of bowed down motherfucker it’s fate
Glock to yo head count to 3 now you blank

Slaughter yo witch now you fall in line
Shoot up this bitch like it’s columbine
Reaper my role taking all these lives
Witch never spit she going swallow mine dick in her mouth
Now she begging \”please daddy\”

Donning all black with the mask on her face
Wit the two two three racked thats your body erased
Never fuck wit my gang we remember the names
Watch me tie up yo man and put two through his brain

Knife on my side put yo head on a pike
And i fuck on your witch take her life, bitch i might
Give a fuck what you think devil darkness i like
Summon up the crucifix and set it alight
Gods we gone fight
Burn in the night
Suffer my energy welcome a fight
Reload my nine and i shoot out yo light
Blood fill your face and you feeling it right

Until the whole meaning of this attitude to life is what is summed upin the entire Eastern idea of meditation. Typified in these sort of figures something of the meaning of this attitude to life

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