Yuri Khedz – Alive Lyrics

Alive Lyrics

Yuri Khedz
1: Yuri
We was in France
Lowkey we hopin\’ that this ain\’t the last
Let\’s shake up the brand
Get wasted, waste up 300 bands
On misses and Xanx
My tracks are missing misses that\’s facts
I am an ass, I fly your bitch out to kiss it then back
We ain\’t the same the way that we brag
You like to say that you are the man
I like to say that I am your dad
And I ordered a jet, let\’s get it in black
And the price of that jet I just made it all back
Made it all back from only this track
Trust me, you holding me back
Plus three, Mazen, Moe and Zas
I fell off? Why you lyin\’ man
That\’s like D Trump merch; no-one\’s buying cap
Illuminati? Man, whеre do I sign the pact?
They gonе give me all the fame I been tryna have
I Tinker with the rhymes up in my brain
The number one spot is all of what I Krave
Venom in my pen when I write on the page
And on my grave they\’ll say I was great
And when I\’m gone like Vultures they prey
On my name and tarnish it like J Jonah J
Even in death there is no escape
From the evil Toxins that are inside your brain
Who gives a fuck what I do in this game
I got the cosign from Mekky the great
You\’re more ignored than the Terms of Service
You got a fake persona Importance of being Earnest
I save money then invest it, you\’re broke son
Like givin\’ head to 50 cent, you blow funds

2: Mic Righteous
Evidently, I\’m the coldest
Super set, 20 reps, whole world on my shoulder
Feelin\’ like I never left
Go tell the promoters
I\’m bound to sell out shows and claim the throne, I\’m taking over
Yeah, I\’m tired of the bullshit
I ride with my full clip
I feel like a Pitbull, inside a ball pit
Yeah real life is simple
It\’s big Mic to you school kids
I\’m comin\’ back for the sixth time
To rip mics to small bits
Mic and Yuri back to back on the track call it synergy
Claim the throne, we takin\’ over what you call the industry
I know it sounds cynical
But listen to me brother please
It\’s gonna take a miracle for your lyrics to fuck with me
If this was UFC then you would see the dark in me
The game\’s a selfish one and no-one\’s helpin\’ ya for free
All I need is one shot to shoulder, wilder I\’m a beast
I been to hell and back
And now I\’m tourin\’ up and down the country
Pourin\’ out my pain for everyone to see
And now I\’m back
I\’m taking everything infront of me
Depression got the best of me
Now everything is lovely
Ain\’t it funny, suddenly
Everybody got love for me

3: Yuri
Less forgiveness and More grudges
Split my soul into Horcruxes
Outta your league but no justice
Outta of ideas no Subtance
I just keep writing wherever I go
I\’m countin\’ my sins and they starting to grow
Still wouldn\’t repent, cuz I\’m all for the show
Only kind to people cuz you reap what you sow
What is this that I feel in my bones
Words cannot escape out my throat
Grab the closest pen then I wrote
\”If I don\’t make it then make my corpse known\”
At least I\’ll be famous when I\’m all just bones
It\’ll make me have a legacy about me that\’s told
Through a documentary about me on the throne
Even though when I was here my name you didn\’t know
But fuck it, I\’ll sit on the couch as a ghost
And watch them put words in my mouth I never spoke
Watch as art gets ripped from my soul
And I\’m just another body buried deep in a hole
Leave it alone
Man I need some sleep but alone
But I can\’t be seen as a GOAT
Though I\’m finally in the zone
I\’ll never feel like I so much need it at all

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