YourFavouriteShady – "Badwolf" Lyrics

“Badwolf” Lyrics

Here\’s a little shit \’bout Badwolf
He thinks he\’s so big, but that\’s just his weight, a fat slob
With \”BadWolf\” as his username, you trying be a damn furry?
But he looks more like a cancer patient, his life\’s seeming pretty blurry

He gets off to fuckin\’ lolis, what a sick fuck
At least R. Kelly made music,hoping your dumbass gets struck
And what\’s with your face? You look like a cancer patient
I suggest you hit the gym and work on your weight management

But let me tell you \’bout this guy\’s shitty ethic
He never says no to his parents, always does what he\’s told, it\’s pathetic
Hе\’s never gonna make it on his own, always living undеr his parents\’ throne
You can\’t even stand up to your parents, you\’re just a damn puppet
You do everything they say, like you don\’t even own a pair, you can\’t even strut it
You\’re just a waste of space, and you know it, so don\’t even try to front
I\’ll be waiting for your comeback, but let\’s be real, you don\’t have the guts to be blunt
The only breaking bad he\’s ever gonna do is breaking the chair he sits on, that\’s true
So listen up \”BadWolf\”, you\’re nothing but a joke, I hope you take this rap as a reality stroke

Ashton Draco, you\’re nothing but a sad, pathetic loser
You think you\’re all that, but you\’re just a poser and an abuser
You get off to lolis, but that\’s just sick and perverted
You look like a real life cartman, and your personality is nothing but unconverted

But let me spit some last lines
This dude\’s nothing but a waste of time
So Ashton, or BadWolf, or whatever the hell you call yourself, you\’re just a loser trying to gain some wealth
But no-one wants to see you no more, go back to your little lair
With your lolis and your slaving behavior, \’cause no one\’s ever gonna care
Take a step back, Draco, and take some notes
Maybe then you\’ll learn how to rhyme with some dope quotes
But until then, keep your sick desires to yourself
And keep your shitty bars out the way on the shelf
I\’ll be waiting for your response, but with the amount of free time you get, I\’ll be waiting forever

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