Youngboykline – Wisdom Kid Lyrics

Wisdom Kid Lyrics


New era
Big things, big dreams you feel what I’m saying
Man, you already know what it is
352 shit
Big Ybk in this bitch
Man it ain’t none to me you, you already , you already know what it is
Look listen

They told me I could be the greatest if I stay down
Just figure out bout respect and know I don’t play around
Tryna get to what’s mine and not hear the same sounds
Everybody ball than we ballin I’m gon remain bound
Who the fuck is one to say that I’m a sucka
I want life to about the bread n butter
So like Drake I’m real sorry for being optimistic
But I’m not sorry for bringing the best of competition
When I spit I be thinking bout more than nursery
Telling stories and showing people diversity
Never ever ever could put a bitch over currency
When it all comes down this the truth I speak ain’t no perjury
I never thought the way I do now this reality
Man I’m too smart for all this shit just talking casualties
Found to love the art behind this music make a masterpiece shoutout to the Master P
He rapped about master keys
Swear I been wishing for a prodigy
I found it funny how the same ass niggas come with apologies
Like honestly please do not bother me
The way they talk that talk I’m killin beats on new velocities
I’m not with comradery
It’s quality vs quantity
This prophecies my policy
Feel like im in a odyssey
Monstrous my cadence sick so tell me who’s was sicker
Modest shit so to be real man fuck these lame ass niggas
I party
Kick it right with the army
Hardly ever lose better hand me the damn Lombardi
My brudda right next to me, big B ain’t no Cardi
Niggas be addressing what’s next is I’m taking shawties
Top gunna
My team is full of top gunnas
What I mean is ain’t no I in team eat in the hot summa
Heard dat lil bruh got his top smothered
He be going through too much tryna recover from his lost mother
I’m the wisdom kid
Around the globe got differences
Asking questions bout me they not seeing who a menace is
Player and a gangster yo chick ride me like a Pegasus
I know it’s sad to hear but just sit back and feel the emphasis
Overlooking and breaking rules
I play it cool
Graduate this year my last year in school
I made it through
Made it through now I ain’t tripping homie
I got a couple different visions plus a couple bigger visions on me
And all I ask is that you understand
Get your head right on need to put down all the percs and xans
Whats up these women turned to thots doing only fans
It’s me against the world cause I feel like I’m the only man , the only man
Who could be fly as myself
The nigga that dont care about materials and wealth
The nigga that be stacking all his books up on the shelf
Fought for every single battle so don’t shit affect my health uh

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