Youngboykline – Holup Lyrics

Holup Lyrics


Ybk ha
Youngboy , Wafflejax you know what the fuck going on mane

: Ybk
Pass me the blunt call it roll up
High as fuck I\’m thinking how imma blow up
Know us
Rap niggas nobody know us
See what you see I don\’t live how you notice
Best not count me out
Imma show y\’all lil boys how I dream
Got gold all in my thoughts I don\’t care bout golds all in my teeth huh

I\’m never flashy you ask me if I\’m ever okay
My smile so happy I\’m masking my shit but that\’s okay
I\’m simply styling
My third eye stay awake
Keep it a thousand that\’s on Fauni
Keep my distance from you snakes

: Ybk
Took the game and made a dub in full throttle
Killin shit with waffle hoe that\’s the motto
I ain\’t friendly nigga I don\’t envy niggas
I get deadly with these words I\’m colossal

8th grade I was getting made fun of
Same fuckers wanna be on my come up
Makе a difference for my cult and my peeps
I\’m bout minе so I\’m playing for keeps

: Ybk
Hadda go hard through all types of this weather
When they say I\’m worse I feel like I get better
Got better
The weight off my shoulders like feathers
It\’s easy to deal with shit and be a steppa
Steppas know the definition of clever
Got real inside us without using berettas
Zip it , lock it, pocket shit ain\’t no teller
But I\’ll get popping with it I\’m bout the pressure

Just do it follow Nike
Yeah my confidence going through the roof high and all mighty
Spanish mami super fiesty
Give her pleasure grab her titty when I\’m getting psyche
Order pizza it\’s on me
I guess it\’s my little treat
She getting excited
So sadly gotta dip
Cause I know that all of this shit isn\’t my perfect timing

: Ybk
You know what Youngboy , Wafflejax go stupid huh
People love and people hate I\’m counting tulips huh

Yeah my flow
Hit like an addict so abusive huh
I leave this beat blue and black it\’s full of bruises huh

: Ybk
Fuck the subliminals
I am original
Stop the beat speed it up imma smooth criminal
ing to the principles and following the rituals I\’m keeping it too literal
Facts in every syllable

Future look brighter than all of my lamps
I just run in my lane I don\’t feel any cramps
Imma keep it extreme like I\’m jumping a ramp
The Rock Johnson I know I\’m peoples champ

: Ybk
Okay swear I don\’t need a witness
To validate legitness
A menace to society cause I can get so vicious
Riding with the top down low ride with the sharks I ain\’t swimming with fishes
Bite no bark and I don\’t need a cutta beat a motherfucker give him stitches

I\’m a martian in my spaceship
Been flowing since the slave ships
That\’s no disrespect shoutout my kinfolk armed and dangerous
I know that I\’ll be paid bitch
My talented won\’t go wasted
Wafflejax young bk tweak together bitch we facing

: Youngboykline
Come with the top flows
Shoutout to Pac though
He gave us wisdom and that\’s hard to swallow
What I\’m saying is for people who follow
Other people that can\’t teach you bout sorrows

Rock solid 10 toes down
All my actions gonna show now
Fuck yo big shoes y\’all some hoe clowns
Always been myself you a clone now

: Ybk
I free plus style
Where the beatbox
Only sound I love is when that boy feet knock
All over the floor
He getting mopped for dissing cause everything\’s what it seems not

On my lonely been listened to Speak Knocks
Had my varsity jack never been jock
You a dead plant hadda get blocked
I\’m like Mister Electric you been shocked

: Ybk
Holup pass me the blunt call it rollup
Holup pass me the blunt call it rollup
Holup pass me the blunt call it rollup
Holup pass me the blunt call it rollup
Lil bitch
Let\’s get it

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