Youngan Zay – Blow Up Lyrics

Blow Up Lyrics:

-Lil Zay Yea
(Hook)- Looking In My Window Im Thinking About You
Everything That Happened Im On The Road Taking A Trip Thinking About You
Like What Happened What Hell Is Going On
Can’t Do it No More I’m Looking Like Why you Had To Leave Me
But Nah I Ain’t Even Leave Me I Left Myself In The past
I’m Looking Back Like What Happened
You Told Me To Look Ahead
When I Blow Up They gonna Miss Me
When I Leave Everything They Gonna Miss Me
People Told I wasn’t gone Be Shit
But I Look At Myself Like I’m Gone Be Something (Yea
They Told Me Don’t Worry About That
You Told Me To Stay Strong
Once My Grandma Died I Thought I Had nothing Left
Once I made Out Imma Make It Out (Yea
Imma Stack Up My money And Get up outta here
And Not Look Back
I Wanna Take My Dream Job As Being A Rapper
When I Blow Up They Gone Miss Me
All My Friends, All My Family
You Told Me Don’t Ever Leave
But You Left Me But You Left Me (Yea
I Was Told Don’t Be Special Cause I Was Already Special Thinking About You
On Road My Heart Hurting
Had To Go To The Hospital
Like What’s Going On
After Our Relationship We Broke Up
It just didn’t work out
I tired It again it still didn’t work
One More Chance just give it to me
Imma Look for work and not look back
(Yea imma Look Head Don’t Worry
(Yea Imma Make You happy
My Grandma Up There smiling Right Now
She Looking Down I’m Proud Of You
I Finished 8th Grade I,m Going to High School
I’m not worried about none of these niggas
They Ain’t Gonna Be Here When I graduate
When I make it out they gonna look stupid
Like Lil Zay Made it out 15 Chasing Dreams
When I Make It out imma Blow up
(Yea My Nigga JD Told Me Be a Rapper And Don’t Worry
He gonna Blow Up two He got big Dreams He 14
(Yea Lil Zay I’m 15 Chasing Dreams I ain’t looking Back Once I’m Done I ain’t Coming
Imma Look Ahead You broke my heart but that’s not stopping Cause imma go head and not look back my mama told me don’t look back I’m gone
Imma Miss You but I care don’t forget me I’m out
I can’t Leave not just yet I’m thinking about what happened it’s crazy

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