Young Bobby – ILIKEGIRLSBRO Lyrics


Young Bobby
Gang gang
Wanna hang with me she wanna trap with the robbers
Oh my God Well Fed

Ye ooh ooh

Yuh ima say it out once it better get by
I been sipping wok I don\’t sip no wine
And that lil bitch bad for the team ain\’t mine it\’s the same thing every time
It just be the same hoes every damn time
Fuck a lil bitch capping on IG Live
Fuck a lil thot cutting herself she died
And I really hit it like two times didn\’t try

She wanna trap with the robbers
She wanna hang with me like hop it into that dog I don\’t raw it cuz she know if I do it then I\’ll die
She wanna sing my song but she don\’t even the words
Fucking the bank and I don\’t get reimbursed
Hop on that beat no reverb
Yea I go through pain and it hurt fucked a thot and I came back with a curse
Yea I pop a pill it no perc I was just sippin on wok I sip purp
Bad lil bitch hit from the back and she burped ha I be the one to love first
Yea hop out the choppa and up on the curve and lil syphilis bitch she couldn\’t even get hurt
Yea learn that shit run up rehearse I got like 81 racks in my purse
Eighty like something my shirt choppa gon run up 103rd

Choppa gon run it a hunnid and third I been sipping on wok in the elevator I was out state to state fucking that money up till I came back with a hunnid more racks
And ima just level up like I\’m in sonic dash but I been hogging that shit ain\’t no hedge
I finna aim in it like I been aiming in it but I hit you like once In the head
And if I turned back time right now would you cry It\’s my bad I put racks on lil bro and he died
If there\’s a problem be gone and say bye
I will just hibernate till I get high and I pop me some ecstasy so I stay high high
I been in love with the hype shawty bad I can\’t deny
And you wanna run up you a bitch you won\’t fight

It was the same thing every time I know that\’s just how it goes and it was the same thing every show I run the racks up and then I get em gone
I hop out the SSC when they say go put that ice on my wrist and my neck I\’m on froze
I sip double cup wok this ain\’t no patron and fuck Twitter fuck 12 I just wake up and get flown
Yea I got more racks that I throw
Fuck it I aim for yo head and your throat
I get so high like the mf Pope
Bitch I\’m going crazy yea I\’m going Brazy I got the thot and I do it amazingly
One up on me and you get killed like a raven and I got a Glock on me and you know where I\’m aiming

We got the rolls in the K
We got the rolls in the K
We got the rolls in the K
We got the rolls in the K

Please don\’t raise my heart rate bitch please don\’t make be high
Please don\’t make me think about shit don\’t wanna try it
Please don\’t raise my heart rate bitch please don\’t make me cry
I just wanna fuck it up and I wanna get by I got all the guns on me and I don\’t wanna fire
I just copped new drank we sipping shit fuck a follow check the VSCO bitch
Miley Cyrus she the shit
Fuck it I got drums fuck it I got sticks

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