Young Birkenau – School Shooter Story Lyrics

School Shooter Story Lyrics

Ayo Devin, I just wanted to let you know…
Don\’t come to school tomorrow I\’m bout to shoot this bitch up, on god
So uhhh, just watch out
(Jimmy on the beat, boy)

Walk up in the fucking school, put \’em all in the sky
Cause I feel really bad bout fuckin\’ with guys
Go up to the library, do the next Columbine
Man I really like ?
Normal school day, they don\’t know it\’s gon\’ be live or die
Really tired of school, so I guess it\’s bout time
They call me fat just cause I like French fries
Walk up to the cafeteria, I\’m aiming for the eyes

Get up early, put my dad\’s AR in the back
Really scared causе I won\’t be able to go back
But I\’m tired of thеm calling me fucking fat
Front door obvious, so I\’ll just use the fucking back
I\’m not overweight just cause I like Big Macs
Pull up to the school and I hit \’em with a big MAC
Really mad cause my penis look like a Tic-Tac
When I show up, pop their heads off like a Kit-Kat
Now I\’m on the school bus, they don\’t know what\’s boutta happen
When I show up, and it\’s bout to be real tragic
Make \’em all vegetables just like fucking cabbage
Man, my dick so small, shit looks like a radish
? a dead pedo, want kids in my attic
Yeah I really hate school, and I\’ve had fucking had it
Focus on the plan cause we\’re stuck in traffic
Can\’t wait to be on TV, no static
Really scared that the AR\’s gonna rattle
Then someone will find out and fucking tattle
Yeah I\’m really fucking gay, smack my ass with a paddle
If I show up, turn my school into a battle
Might take the guard out before he tackles
I don\’t like blacks cause it look like crackle
I want a kid to ride on me like a saddle
Oh shit, we\’re here, this is gonna be a hassle

Walk to the back room, bring out the AR
Man, my heart beating as fast as a race car
These kids boutta get smoked like cigar
AR start playing music like it\’s guitar
Thinking to myself \’oh shit, this is really it\’
Thinking to myself \’what happened to my innocence?\’
Gotta hurry up, ain\’t no time to reminisce
No punishment, got a brain, gotta get rid of it

Walk out in the open, they\’re all fucking screaming
I\’m sprayin\’ and prayin\’, they don\’t know the reason
I shoot at the blacks cause they look like Reeses
I aim at their head and I turn \’em to pieces
Gotta make sure they all dead, ain\’t no leavin\’
I stand over them and now I\’m feeling squeamish
I guess it\’s a victory, they\’re all defeated
Oh fucking time, I was just thinking bout penis
I came out on top, this shit ?
Send \’em all all the way to fucking Venus
They struck first, so I guess that it\’s even
Really wish I could see the families grievin\’

Think in total, I killed like twenty-two
It\’s time to kill myself, it\’s my life that I lose
But, oh shit, I don\’t have bullets to use
The cops walk in and I\’m screaming \’please shoot!\’

Gunshot noise

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