YN Pluto – Mr world wide Lyrics

Mr world wide Lyrics

YN Pluto
Fuck a bad bitch its litty
I know im gonna get fifty
5 shots to the left i think i hit jimmy
Now the opps want me cuz i hit they shotta
I been tweakin on jimmy now what do want
To kill me?
Oh well thats crap and not gonna happen
Turn you into has beens fuckin on ya husband
Man he is lovin
All of my fuckin cock
Right up in his fuckin mouth
I cannot believe it kill em he can\’t see shit
Killin all the witness
Yes you are a witness
How you make a sneak diss
Think i have a death wish
Mention all his dead friends
What is the code again
All my friends are dead again
Fuckin in a cardigan
Thinkin it is spring again
When its really opp season
Shoot a nigga feet again
I just took home cardi b
Then we fucked up in a tree
Then i come down notti boppin
Whilе also screamin 4 1 K 41K

I got a Glock and it came with a beam
Opps arе so silly they tried to spin on me
I\’m finna spin on that dick like a mayblade
Finna twist yo dick like a bopit
Fucked on you sister I think she is 3
I don\’t give a fuck I want that pussy fresh
I be burning the jews like im HTN Anne Frank lil bitch
Fucking on a newborn like my name is cumwrap aye
I got 50tb of Child porn on my pc
Ive been on the run since i was 13
That boy always talking shit wait till I fuck him
That boy always acting hard wait till I suck him
Finna fuck on his dog damn she is a thot
Yo daddy is gone im gon smoke his pack
Fucking with HTN you finna end up ina vase
Bitch im finna kill a blackie then do the race
If he his a faggot ima throw him into space yuh
If you are not under 8 then stay the fucking fuck away

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