Yellowface – Roman disstrack Lyrics

Roman disstrack Lyrics

Why you hating on a real one?
Why you jealous that you couldn\’t get your bands up?
I been grinding you been tryin to do a hook up
Broke boy you can come and find me when you look up


You hella slim
Tryna catch a body but you built like a skeleton
You got no muscle all you got is just bones and skin
You look like you got separated from a conjoined twin

All the girls you dated turned into hoes
Yo favorite number is probably 304
Never had a girl that stayed for more then a month
I wonder why yo bitches just come and go

You can\’t show me a band
I could show you 6 of them carry them with both hands
You should play Squid Games but you\’ll be the first man
I can throw all my shit on you like a trash can

You my biggest hater
Keep yo temper down before you turn into the terminator
You a Chinese you suppose to be a calculator
But you hella dumb yeah you dumber then a 7th grader

You look like a stick bug
You look like you starving bitch you need to drink a chug jug
Running like you in Minecraft
You look like a robot that neck long like giraffe

I shatter you like glass
Hit you with a combo you be laying in the grass
I\’m a world class
You compared to me makes you look like an outcast

It\’s a cold cold world
Still wearing that neckless made out of pearls
You don\’t pull no girls
I can make a pretty bitch twirl

You obsessed with anime
Fantasize about your dream man, man that\’s hella gay
Yo nose look like two train tunnels it\’s a subway
Here\’s my gift drop this diss track on yo birthday

I hit you from the back
Don\’t run from this shrimp it go fast like a scat pack
I\’m stackin and stackin
Strip you like a bitch man you know what\’s about to happen

Wait a minute I can\’t hear
Roman all the soundwaves are going in your big ass ears
After this diss all I hear is you shedding tears
Better run from Yellowface bitch I\’m your biggest fear
And that\’s all facts
Run up from behind you call that a sneak attack
You look like the cinnamon stick from Apple Jacks
You got on my nerves so I had to make a diss track

You a simp you\’d obey a bitch like a goon
Catch you on Roblox playing stupid ass tycoons
You be at the thrift stores digging in trash like a racoon
Why you always sound act like you straight out of a cartoon

And yo nostrils big
Can you make the oink oink sound like a fucking pig
You and yo brother both look like 2 fucking twigs
You can probably build a house with those fucking bricks

Roman Jong, Roman Wong, Roman Ching Chong
You look like a FOB go back to Hong Kong
You say that I\’m dick eating you know my head game strong (what)
I be on yo head while yo mouth is on my ding dong (whaaaaa)

\”It\’s a cold cold world\”
\”It\’s a cold cold world\”

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