Yanko & Joints – Jail Freestyle Lyrics

Jail Freestyle Lyrics

Yanko & Joints
1 : Yanko
Ahmed Jah still lives in my lungs, no one gets me high like Grinna
His mum misses him so much but she can\’t see him unless it\’s a picture
Cause he got stabbed and his torso opened up like the legs of Jamie\’s sister
When Prom got hit by the car, he crawled on the floor like he\’s playing twister

2 : Joints
No need for a car, but my niggas are savages
Like Dothrakis in G.O.T
My Khaleesi don\’t have a silver wig
It\’s a .38 spin with the golden teeth
They\’re golden but they ain\’t wearing grills
It\’s the paigon\’s flesh that they like to eat
Firing, pinging the wap then slap that
Corn slurred out like he tried to speak

3 : Yanko & Joints
D got taken off of the planet
Sent to the stars, but he\’s not near Saturn
? had bits of flesh on my rambo looking like salmon
Maryland ain\’t cookies, they crumble
They ain\’t vegan, but they lost this beef
Wipe them out like the dinosaurs
It\’s a meteor if I ride with Reekz

4 : Yanko & Joints
If you get stabbed up and die, tell your dead friend that I said hi
I\’m sitting in jail like where\’s my freedom?
It got taken like Maz\’s life
Young Pumps had the choker on Blackz
But since GG as he twist that car key
I know where his marjay lives at night
So I might headbutt his disabled auntie

5 : Yanko
We don\’t take Thatched House serious
We don\’t take Maryland serious
90% been shot or cheffed, in the bed like they are on their period
We inhale opps not helium
I\’m in Beckton tryna kill a comedian
They scream anyone can go, but you can go if you are seen with them

6 : Joints
Stainless steel just torn through fabric
Shit, gang ? on my top
That looks like *** from a ?
I\’m a dog cause I\’m chasing fleas
But trust me the ? are gonna do damage

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