Xhris2Eazy – JUICE (What If I Did It…?) Lyrics

JUICE (What If I Did It…?) Lyrics


When I look in the mirror I don\’t know who the fuck looking back
I told myself that I\’ll never turn back
Pack strong as fuck like it came from Iraq
You talking on me, better use that @
Check my phone, whole bunch of directs
Messages on my phone, why\’d I check?
Don\’t ask me what I\’ll do for that check
Ran up a mil, and I ain\’t break a sweat
Know we up next, go place a bet
I play with her heart like a trumpet
Step on his body like a doormat
Finish him off like Mortal Kombat
Chop him up like a lumberjack
She walked in the crib, but she left with a brokеn back
Bitch, better not ask me for no Birkеn bag
You said we had smoke, but to keep it a stack
I ain\’t hear about none of that
Matter fact, now that you said it, think I\’ma get back to that
Bounce on my dick, make her flip like a acrobat
Step on his face like I\’m doing some jumping jacks
Step in his face, I\’m like, \”Fuck is you looking at?\”
White nerd critiquing my music
You think you the reason I\’m making music?
Talking that shit, but I find it amusing
You moving real wocky, don\’t know what you doing
Might hit it once, no strings attached
Might hit it raw with my Jason mask
His his neck with a big ass axe
And my bitch got a big fat ass
Her skin soft, it clear like glass
She let me grab it, I ain\’t got to ask
Keeping it G, I don\’t care if you mad
Racks in my pocket, they making me glad
Thousand dollar fit when I walk in the class
Put you in a wheelchair like Mr. Glass
You see the opps, you turn to the Flash
I see a opp, smash him with a bat
I\’m leaving the crib, finna pack my bags
Back in 2012, used to snap backs
How you 21 still on Snapchat?
Shit weird as fuck, I don\’t know about that
Put on my Trues, I\’m looking clean
Put on my shades, don\’t look at me
Tight ass shirt, finna flex my muscles
I talk real wild, I don\’t need no muzzle
My guys on the hunt, they be looking for trouble
Run out his crib with a Louis V duffel
Run out his crib with a glove on my hand
OJ Simpson, what if I did it?
Better be fucking, I ain\’t come for kisses
You can ask my mans, Xhris never misses
Like a Japanese movie, I get to slashing
Woke up in the morning, I don\’t know what happened
Go to the shore, I be taking shrooms
Bitches look the same, I\’m like, who is who?
Try to hit my blunt, I\’m like, who is you?
You touching my weed, excuse you
Might bug out, I\’m a loose screw
Racks in my pockets like Blue\’s Clues
My cousin locked, he\’ll be home soon
Might fly your bitch out to Cancun
Bang on my chest like a baboon
She sucking that dick like a vacuum

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