I just wanna fuckin die young but don’t wanna make no one sad
Usually keep my problems to myself don’t wanna make people think bad
Sometimes people think I’m mad it’s usually not that kinda case
I just think I’m in the wrong damn time and in the wrong damn place
Tear into my fuckin heart you’ll see there isn’t anymore space
I’ve been broken one too many times you won’t even get a taste
Of what it’s like
My mind just says thats right
I’ve been kind too many times
I was innocent all for lies
Now I’m toxic no surprise

So back up
Just back up fuck
Might snap again with my damn luck
Everyones the reason I keep it tucked
I’ve had enough
Grab the fuckin pills n my ID n turn it into dust
Cross the fuckin line n skip the time now I just combust
Everybody askin “bro are you okay?”
I’m fucking not
They sayin it’ll look up one of these days
I rather just be shot
In a fuckin grave
With my name on a tombstone
Carryin out a god damn slave
To a demon that held my fuckin game
So I’m sorry to the ones my death will go n just upset
I got tired of this life it felt like I was stuck in debt
Wit my own mentality it tore into my fucking chest
Till it felt I couldn’t take another god damn breath

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