Wto Sco – Trap Mode Lyrics

Trap Mode Lyrics

A brick and a half on my watch and I ain’t got one diamond
I know it hurt these hating local rappers to see me shinin
If you loyal to me ain’t no question I’m behind you
But if you try backdoor when I catch you we gone slime you

All my opps they dead
But none all literally they just ain’t got motion
Everything I drop be illmatic all my songs got COVID
Every three oz’s you cook from me you a lock to get one over

Every time you re it be coming from me
But I ain’t the one who sold it
All that game you got be coming from me
But I ain’t the one who told it

I got rappers thinking this shit easy
But they ain’t spent a quarter
I know rappers thinkin that they flexin
But they ain’t seein my daughter

I got steppas that’ll step for me sometimes not on my order
I got ties when I’m in that bottom
Or across the water
I’m gripping iron caught lackin once

But ain’t no second time
I been doing this shit for ten years strong
First seven I ain’t get no shine
Never did no time but while you was locked

I broke your main bitch spine
She said she heard of fentanyl
Before she heard of me I told her it’s fine
She said she know Big Boogie verse on we the ones

But she don’t know mine
She said she heard ok
And she heard I only fuck on bitches that’s dimes
She want this dick now

I’m waiting for this yellow to kick in I need some time
Street nigga all I want is money I can pay for slingin iron
Trap nigga if you got six bands you can get a nine
Free Ryda and free all of my dogs

That’s closed mouth did they time
Bad bitches if I can’t fuck your friend wit you hit once then slide
Adios and please don’t do the most
Bitch when I go ghost

Faneto soon as I hit the door
My new bitch snatching souls
Ohco Cinco a get you a nine a girl plus a extra four
Bricks twenty four come shop you a lock to win

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