Wto Sco – Heavy Lyrics

Heavy Lyrics

My bitch said every time she look up
I’m about to do a count up
I told her you just made me lose my count
Bitch shut the fuck up

I been counting this paper for over an hour
Shit got my thumb stuck
And I just brought my plug one hundred thousand
And I only propped ten something

All this blow I sold I’m rapping bout me not shit I seen on tv
In and out of state
This shit no cap my plug BMF like Meech
No I ain’t from the A

But I move them falcons like I play on the team
No I ain’t no pornstar but I fucked her a hour like I was off a bean
Bitch I’m from the bottom where shit get wicked
You might get killed for a meme

Plus I’m uptown rocking where shit get drastic
You might get slimed by a fien
We do drills in style might send them steppers
To stump you in Celines

Your bm she a fan she sent yo pin
Now we know where you sleep
I wake up every day pray my plug hit
And tell me they twenty a piece

You wake you up everyday stressing bout a bitch
Worrying bout if she for the streets
My name my neck my watch my safe they heavy
Like two hundred keys

My bitch my clothes my car all up to par but I still move low key
Since my song with Gee hit over a M that L turned to a H
They’ll post you like they really showing you love
Whole time that love be fake

Niggas be having secret smoke about you
But can’t say it to your face
You hating on me but we got the same twenty-four
You just chose to be lazy

All the ones who doubted me now salute me
I know they be feeling crazy
All my songs I drop be having real motion
My shit going brazy

In and out the booth rapping bout real life
Like how I just caught this play
I’m not just a rapper I’m so deep in the streets
My family can’t no where I stay

Only thing that’s good my sister came home
Plus my cousin Donte
It’s crazy the only way you can tell if the love is real
When you going jail fed or state

All my fam on my daddy side did real-time
I guess I the one who escaped
I just get money that’s the only time I’m going outside
That’s how I stay ducking the jakes

You piped a bitch before you piped your niggas
That shit be super fake
Your gang eating you shining in your niggas face
That’s how they turn rat or snake

When you got some smoke you call on that bitch
Your niggas be the ones who spray
Niggas fucking up had to cut niggas water off
That bills was too high to pay heavy

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