WillowLovesHalloween – The Streakers Lyrics

The Streakers Lyrics

Ascending into your ass
This is a Ski Mask Money Gang exclusive
(Willow Loves Halloween)
Halloween Haunter has leaked my fucking phone number, and is spam calling me every 5 fucking seconds

1: WillowLovesHalloween
Icepick to your throat
How fuckin’ tragic
Live with a gun
Beaten till it’s traumatic
What their son has done
Yeah I\’ve fuckin’ had it
The only thing that is leakin’
Is your family dynamic
You try to rizz up the bitches
Till their name is Gina
We sending shots
Yeah call this shit Felina
Once we find you
The gang comin’ with some ninas
Always startin’ shit
We know that you’re a fiend yeah
Talkin’ your shit
Then you DM me, “wanna call?”
Talkin’ down bеhind my back
Thinking you don’t have balls
Yeah, this gon’ be your downfall
Oncе you’re confronted
All you do is fucking stall
(all you do is fuckin’ stall)
(wanna call?)
(all you do is fuckin’ stall)
(wanna call?)

2: Quinn Da Rapper
Call me Selene, the man in your dreams (Ayy Yuhh)
The violence breeds violence.. For the memes!
Sleep with one eye open you know what I mean?
Call me Selene, the man in your dreams
Ascend City, wasn\’t made for you (No)
Ascend City, your death is overdue
Ascend City, Nobody likes you
Ascend City, your death is overdue

Streakers got the drop on the place
So bright and sunny you ain\’t beating the case
You cannot pick up the pace
Find out you leak and we ?
Discord calls we staying up late
Except I\’m not cuz I don\’t ?
Top G, no Andrew Tate
Files and drive we got ?

3: Haunt Channel
Yea you look like el macho, stuffin them nachos
You big fatty you should marry Ms. Boombaladdy
Your the booty hole troll big belly you fold all the joy you stole
You think you’re bold?
Kid you’re not that old, yet you think you’re tall when you’re a literal ball
Go back home cause you lookin like a dome
Screw it screw it
Screw what you’re told!
Screw it screw it

Can you call, Can you call, Can you call
You have no idea what\’s going on, do YOU?

4: Fantastic Daddy
He may have all the rizz yuhh
But all he does now is attack Gina
We want to get a bazooka
And aim it straight at yuh
Call me insane, but i have a big membrane
Get the hell out of here before I bring the game
(Yeah I said I\’ll bring the game)

5: Lil Weenor
Lil Weenor coming to slide in
I\’m telling you no good news
You make yourself look like a fuckin fool
And you stink like fucking tofu
You\’re a complete disgrace of your own kind
You straight up lie on a suicide
You making your ancestor cry
And rely on too much A.I
Looking at your dog is a red flag
Tryna start shit you finna boutta get dragged
All the shit you do is sit and slack
Number out public you boutta get hacked
Everyone you knew were just pretending
All you really do is cause offending
Flagship is your last destination
Which also means your final ending

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