​wildkarduno – Let us know Lyrics

Let us know Lyrics

I\’m tryna figure out when you got like that?
Glock 23, we can Mike that
He can\’t slide in the whip, so nigga, we gon\’ bite that
You don\’t got no strap? Nigga, where your ? at?
Yeah, yeah, hop out the hemi with a semi
Nigga broke, nigga don\’t even got a penny
Nigga snitch, man, they tellin\’, mouse like Minnie
We gon\’ take your Glock, nigga, gimme, bitch
Yeah, call Smoke with a pole
?, nigga, you too old
That nigga a rat and he told
? look at Glock, but nigga, you can\’t hold
Got heat when it\’s cold
Trap house got mold, bitch
I hop out on feet, give a fuck \’bout my socks, nigga
We gon\’ spin on your, nigga, and you hide, nigga
You don\’t got a stick, you can\’t get in this ?, nigga
The Glock could be frozen and I still could let it go
Yeah, and you got smoke? You need to let us know, bitch
(Bitch ass nigga, yeah, nigga)
(Fuckin\’ snitch ass nigga)
(On 5, nigga)

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