​wildkarduno – ​how u say nikka fukk uno bitxh fukk u Lyrics

​how u say nikka fukk uno bitxh fukk u Lyrics

Nigga, fuck uno, \’cause he would\’ve been on the same shit, bro
Nigga, fuck you then, fuck nigga
Fuck you talkin\’ bout, nigga?

I hate when a fuck nigga think they know me (Fuck nigga, you don\’t know me)
You got me locked up, nigga, so you owe me (You owe me, bitch)
Bitch, you say you got Glock, nigga, then just show me (Nigga, just show me then, lil\’ nigga)
Speak on me when I\’m locked, you not my homie, nigga (You not my homie, bitch)
I was supposed this shit like only one time (I wanna address this shit, lil\’ nigga)
Got locked up for a gun, nigga, and it wasn\’t mine (That shit wasn\’t mine, on God)
What the fuck?
We gon\’ shoot at the fuck nigga \’cause it\’s fuckin\’ time, bitch (
Niggas switching up on everybody, niggas switching up on sholoh
We gon\’ hang out the truck when we fuckin\’ slidin\’, lil\’ nigga
Yeah, all of these niggas some hoes, nigga (Y\’all niggas hoes, on God)
You could meet me at a show, nigga
Brought that ho to the ?, we know she on go, nigga (And we know she on go, bitch)
And that nigga talk tough, put a tag on his toe, nigga, bitch
(Yeah, fuck nigga)
Them prod nigga bitches (All them niggas bitches)
If I see twenty, nigga, I\’ma give him stitches, huh (I\’ma give him these stiches)
We ride with sticks, nigga, we is not no fuckin\’ witches, fuck nigga (We not witches)

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