​wildkarduno – ​fight Lyrics

​fight Lyrics

Even though I did say that shit, why didn\’t niggas cut me off whenever I said that shit
(Five nigga)
(Gang nigga)

We got Glocks, nigga, in his home (We got Glocks in his home)
Niggas, yo’ ass a rat, don\’t hit my phone
We got hunnid round drums, gon\’ hit yo’ dome, nigga
And you not gang, you can\’t come to this zone
And I don\’t wanna rap, nigga, leave me \’lone
I just wanted the bread, I don\’t wanna be known (I don\’t wanna be known nigga)
I just want the bread, nigga, fuck a bad bitch
We got Glock twenty-one, we not savage
Green on me, cabbage
Glock, you can have it
All my life been surrounded by some coins nigga
We gon\’ shit on niggas, we eat prunes nigga (Fuck nigga)
Yeah, that shit fucked up my life (Yeah)
? came out with a knife
I don\’t want no wife nigga
You say you smoke then it’s on sight
And I got outta the jail so I gotta do right
And the four four the gang, man, we trap day and night (Man, the four four the gang)
And I shoot with the stick, give a fuck ’bout my height
And then the nigga talk tough, got a Glock with a light
Oh, we can put the Glock down then we can fight
Fuck nigga, yeah

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