WCS jokea – Demon reunion Lyrics

WCS jokea

Switch on a Glock in a sound like Katrina bitch sucking a
Dick. Thank God she either I know the opps talk about the gang on camera load up the chop and shoot it all the people. I know I’m going crazy I got to tell my people about this baby at the age of 17 is amazing Popping perks. It got me in the matrix Poppin perks. It got me feeling lazy got m.i.s I got to find a way up out of here. I’m rapping bout im having problems wit if you ain’t trying to help get your wig split it’s a demon reunion. You be pickin and you be choosing , can’t be waiting for you loser for you baby for you call my bro we have at that van hop out we letting off 10 so many
Shots the doctor can’t heal him. You just a witness and he just a victim. I’m just a nigga , but I just don’t get it , why are women so fucking ignorant treating us like we are going to Dealings treating us like we ain’t got no feelings check on my wrist you know it is icy she got me calling her wifey in the backseat with my Choppa shooting at niggas all day most people think I’m rapping, but it’s just feelings coming as attachments I can’t control how they’re acting I know I’m not your friend, but please don’t hurt me. I know I’m not your friend, but please don’t desert me

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