W4VEFORM & chickyWiki – ROBLOX! Lyrics

ROBLOX! Lyrics

Bad bitch from Roblox, hope not an old man
Prolly gonna meet up, shit, he got a van
I still on my grind, I gotta get the \’dy of the can\’ (Candy, bitch)
I hop in, shit, oh, what?

Bitch, bitch, bitch, gang, gang
Nah, I said gang, anyways, bang, bang, bang
That\’s how me and yo\’ mama go
Your mother a Latina from Mexico
Gotta get her down fucking low
I got that bitch playin\’ limbo
Think I\’m \’boutta fuckin\’ blow
Okay, I\’m a little weird (Yo-yo-yo, calm down)
At least my shit ain\’t got a beard (Huh?)
Yeah, I don\’t know either
Anyways, you just a no-bitch
Every time you in a fight, it\’s new stitch
Wait, this song is called Roblox, right?
Oh, well, uh, chicky, make it relevant

2: chickyWiki
Dressin\’ as a Roblox slender, you know I be gettin\’ those minors
No Minecraft, yeah, I\’m a minor finder

: chickyWiki
For the sake of us, this is a joke, FBI, and, in fact, I\’m a minor myself

3: chickyWiki
Playin\’ Ragdoll Engine, you know I\’m gettin\’ those pixels
You know that I bе fuckin\’ yo\’ bitch, she watch Mixels
\’Boutta slice you up wit\’ my sicklеs
Work at a Pizza Place bitch in my face
Even though it\’s Roblox, I got the biggest cocks (Chickens, yeah, chickens)
Ayy, ayy, this song hella sus
I got yo\’ girl in the back of the bus
You know we releasin\’ the lust (Okay, what the fuck? But, that was bars)

: chickyWiki &

Alright, I\’ma stop right here, uh
Well, in my defense, W4VEFORM wrote that, so


Roblox, bitch

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