W4VEFORM & chickyWiki – Batter up Lyrics

Batter up Lyrics

Bitch, ayy, yuh, all these bitches on me
T-they want me to call them \”Mommy\” (Nah)
They tryna get on my Johnny
I\’m a one-man army
B-b-b-bitch, you say you rich, you stay \’side of the street (Ayy)
Y\’all some cowboys, smokin\’ on that wheat
I stay on my shit, some weed (Bitch)
Nah, just kiddin\’ (Hah), that shit fucks you up (Up)
Think one day I\’ma turn corrupt (\’rupt)
S-s-shit, I am already, I\’ma interrupt (Fuck)
Fuckin\’ her, dick is slump
N-n-n-now, that gun goes, pow, pow (Yuh)
Lil\’ mama want me to go \”meow\”
Thinkin\’ that s\’um I would allow

Batter yo\’ fuckin\’ brains (Yuh)
Bitch, all that (Ayy) blood leave fuckin\’ stains (Okay)
T-the (Uh) o-only s-shit (Ooh) I-I g-get i-is g-gains (Bitch)

2: chickyWiki
B-b-b-b-b-bitches can\’t shut their mouth
B-b-b-b-been about that fuck shit since a youth
H-h-h-h-hoes from the south
Chase \’em like cat and mouse
Walk into a market, get some crowd
Y\’all ain\’t even know my fuckin\’ clout
Pussies wanna cry and pout
Fuck you, I\’ll survivе in a drought
I don\’t give a shit \’bout my condition
\’Boutta transition

3: chickyWiki
Y\’all a suspicion
Got the K, full ammunition
Bitches know mе, I-I-I-I am a musician

: chickyWiki
Ayy, ayy, batter up, bitches
Get yo\’ fuckin\’ game on
Go fuck y\’all self

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