W4VEFORM & chickyWiki – B-B-BIDEN Lyrics

B-B-BIDEN Lyrics

: chickyWiki
Let\’s-, let\’s take a break
Let\’s make some dumb shit
No offense to Biden
We love you, actually, this song probably won\’t be offense
We gonna be rhymin\’ Biden
Let\’s a go

1: chickyWiki
Biden, he be fightin\’
Biden, he be slightin\’
Biden, he be pikin\’
Biden, he be mi-mine
Biden, he be so fine
Biden, he be so round
Biden, he be so nice
Biden, he be so rice (What?)
Biden, he likes the ice cream
Biden, he likes the lice dream
Okay, this sucks

Ayy, he won against Trump
Now you know he gon\’ thump
Now you know he gon\’ bump
Biden be fightin\’ the thumpers
Biden be eatin\’ the lumpers
What am I saying? Like I know
B-B-Biden can steal yo\’ mama and get a good bone
Biden has the authority to just steal your phone
Ayy, ayy, ayy (Biden, bitch)

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