W4VEFORM & chickyWiki – ATOMIC! Lyrics

ATOMIC! Lyrics


Nah, nah, nah-nah-nah
Ayy, bitch (
Yuh, bitch, listen here
This shit gon\’ drop like a bomb or s\’um, I don\’t know (

S-s-s-s-stay in yo\’ city, get yo\’ bitch to pop a titty
pin\’ like bombs, shit gettin\’ litty
Your girl kinda pretty
Think one day, I can call her \”Kitty\”
Bro, you playin\’ too gritty
I couldn\’t care \’bout a bitch
Thinkin\’ I\’m \’boutta play you wit\’ the stitch
I keep a sting, I\’m a fucking king
Got bling, bling, cha-ch-ch-ch-ching

2: chickyWiki
T-t-t-thinkin\’ you the best?
Goddamn, brodie, you fuckin\’ wanna test?
I drop on this shit, explode like a nuke
Yo\’ bitch see you, she puke
I\’ma climb the charts, of course, I ain\’t Luke
Your entire life is kinda a fluke (Fluke, bitch)
Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)
Shut your fuckin\’ mouth up
Cut yo\’ balls, no pup
What the fuck\’d I say? (Man, that was weird)
Fuckin\’ yo\’ moms, shit, she has a beard

: chickyWiki &

Ayy, yo,
yuh, bitch

Shit\’s atomic,
man, fuck you all

(Chick on the track),

Atomic, bitch

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