ANGEL Lyrics

>Angel on my shoulder, bloody seats in the rover, i told that pussy to come over, and his life is gon be over yeah
I told that boy, i told that boy….
I told that little boy that im a demon, yeah he was a witness but he said he never seen it, when it comes to blood yeah i swear that i be fienin\’, pull out 20 racks on his head get to beamin\’, you know taht i be schemin

She got a: slim thick lil waist, i need a taste, take 3 grams ace to the face, said you gonna run up, im not fazed, if you really come up to me yeah..

If a mothеrfucker got a problem tell his ass comе get me, i got demons in my hands if he wanna hit me, said that he was solid but he actin real iffy, i got angels on my wrist and they tryna slit me

Walk in this bitch wit 40 tucked, might buck, all these 10s up in the club, they, tryna fuck, if she anything less, shes outta luck

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