Ultbee – London's Biggest Fraud Lyrics

London’s Biggest Fraud Lyrics

Lizzy died I killed that bitch
Smoke that pack cause we get lit like
Got no holster you can\’t fit that
Musket in your back pocket

Hi, where the fuck you get your bands
Like, are you even pro trans rights
Entire economy is only held up on top of belle delphine\’s onlyfans, tyke

I\’m giving your mother this ham, pipe
She\’s under high demand, swipe
Credit card making your mom more money than selling away Anderson\’s life

You know what I hate the most
British people quotе on quote
School shootings make us the goat
Incеst Queen, a pack to smoke

You be on your beans and toast
I be on my beating hoes
Iron bru go down your throat
Now we cooking up a roast

Soliders with them big ass hats
Stocked on tea you getting fat
If the store got discount brands then that is where your money at

How you know it ain\’t for free
Like all your stolen history
Fake just like your fucking teeth
That is so last century

Two hundred mil go down the drain
Tiktok rotting toddler\’s brains
Alcohol addiction making you drink your sorrows away

Hold up I just broke my leg
Doctor said I gotta wait
Got some pills that I could take
Now I wish I could\’ve paid

Hey, how about you take a sit?
Economy going to shit
I know where you live
Get the fuck out of the rift
Get the fuck off of the lift

It\’s called an elevator so how about you fuckin learn
Because the british don\’t deserve a language that they haven\’t earned

Hop in the battle bus, because I know you a passenger
Playing so much fortnite, epic made you ambassador
But you know they don\’t pay you \” I just can\’t find your talent, sir\”
So hop off of fortnite and shoot your shot in boston massacre

Leader of the KKK
Cookin a bacon buffet
Tablesalt will catch a stray
Boogers on his fuckin plate

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