Twotimer – Golden Chalice Lyrics

: Twotimer
Yeah I got a cold heart
Used to swipe in Walmart
Hop inside a \’rari, ima drive it like a go kart
That bitch wants to be with me for life but I want no part
I know why you\’re broke it\’s cuz you\’re lazy and you\’re not smart
I will shop up when you least expect it like a pop-tart
If you\’re hearing a Twotimer song you\’re hearing top art
I suggest you scrap your whole life plan and just restart
Benjamin my only love, no bitch could bring us apart
I don\’t need a gun cuz I got my frog he\’s a poison dart
I don\’t need a flashlight cuz my diamonds lead me through the dark
Back then I sold controlled substances at the local park
Got so many creatures on my yacht it looks like Noah\’s Ark
You can\’t fuck with me cuz I\’m too cool you just don\’t meet thе park
Claiming that I\’m lame or that I\’m broke, that is a bold remark
I\’vе been on the earth a thousand years like I am tree bark
You\’re a mere peasant in my regime I am an oligarch
I\’m bigger than the observable universe you are a quark
I will rob you after I serenade you to sleep with my harp
It\’s obvious that you\’re mentally challenged you\’re not very sharp
Sippin\’ tris out a golden chalice cuz I\’m fucking parched
I could never fold, never bend, because I\’m not an arch
Yeah I had to get it out the mud I got it out the marsh
You are such a fool, a facade, and a fucking farce
Free Ross, Free Martin Shkreli, Rest in Peace Aaron Swartz

: Since99
You are a fool, a facade, and overall a goddamn deadbeat
The plug stay in ancient times he bout to go and grind up buckwheat
I\’m over the border posted in Toronto and now I\’m ballin like I\’m Vanvleet (I\’m sorry)
But me and your bitch linked the other night, and I\’m changing the damn sheets
I feel like Twotime by the way I be getting so crafty on the beat
I don\’t wanna hear your voice, or your opinion so go and take a seat
I put the ball on the floor, they gonna reach
Got elliante diamonds they (?)
You fucked up in the crib tryna go find your niche
60 for 3.5, bitch I\’m smoking Georgia Peach
Sippin that tris out a golden chalice, goddamn and I\’m parched
I\’m bouta start a malice at the palice, water on me noah\’s ark
Even if it got a handicap sign, fuck it ima go \’head and park
I hop in that mothafuckin foreign coupe and barely even had to push the start

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