TWOCUPKAII – ++Shopify Lyrics

++Shopify Lyrics

Im too wavy

Run up on me, u get shot right in hd

Left off 35 out the Draco , like kd

I belong in. Star Wars because I’m the real me

Not a clone

Fuck yo bitch in my vlone

Bullets hurt, hit bones

Im MilliRich

We on the road

The road 2 success man fasho

Im in my glo

Got hella designer clothes, they know

The racks n money, it shows

Ion gotta speak, my money just grows

I think it’s cause I’m 10k a show

We don’t go to events we post

Post a few pics, turn my phone off n go ghost

Fuck all the fame, ion care bout the posts

I’m really rich, like oh (like oh)

See my bank account she drop to the floor

Ion know no more

Think it’s time 2 go on tour (time to go on tour)

I love millicity

I get the guap, plenty

Shopify checks, still hittin

I’m in my prime, I’m chillin

Everyone care bout my opinion

So I gotta watch what I say

Ion joke around, ion play

Ion waste time, on no mistake

I keep pushing, countin days

Making plays

Skipping states

I’m sippin wock out states (uhh, yeah)

I put my heart in dis shii

I been through the rain

At this point, ion feel pain

Hop out da car , send shots from short range (damn)

The way that E died , shi was so strange

I really felt hella pain

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