Tuxx – ​​beat up the bouncer freestyle Lyrics

​​beat up the bouncer freestyle Lyrics


Yeah, I\’m fucking bad bitches, they ain\’t getting no money
Yeah, my favorite bitch look like Beyonce, but she ain\’t getting no money
My second favorite bitch look like Rihanna, still getting no money
Yeah, I just let my dog out for a walk and left the stove running
Yeah, I just went to the park to play some ball and I\’on even ball
I went to the mall to buy some clothes and I\’on even ball
I\’m still getting bitches but let me tell you it\’s not \’cause I\’m tall
It\’s a family dinner, who the fuck invited Uncle Paul?
This stupid dummy head try to lace my weed with green beans
And I outside, the feds, \’cause all of them wish they could be me
Yeah, I just bought some lean and spilt it on my CC
And I think that\’s why my mama said I\’ll never get these nice things
Yeah, new drip, but I\’on even know how to pronounce it
Yeah, I\’ma hit the club and then I\’ll beat up the bouncer
Yeah, I got a couple hundred hits inside a vault and you got mouse shit
Yeah, I got a couple hundred bitches on my balls and they surrounded
Yeah, I only stepped out the stu\’ for like ten seconds
Came back in and smelt like Backwoods and 7/11
I ain\’t even get to take a sip out my cup yet
\’Fore this fat, greedy muhfucker asked if I was done yet
Now look at me, how I\’m jumping right back on the first beat
I bet you didn\’t even realize that this was the first beat
And yeah, I only smoke the finest gas, you got the worst weed
And yeah, my girl still look like Blac Chyna but got the worst feet
Airplane\’s too busy, got a private jet
We could join a mile high club and have some private sex
Baby, I\’on even take drugs, but I\’m high as heck
And even if I tried, I\’on think I could overspend
\’Cause she was giving me the sucky-sucky in a brand new Benz
Yeah, I told that bitch that you could never trust me \’cause I fucked your friends
Yeah, I don\’t got no time for lovey-dovey, but I\’m playing in
As long as she don\’t look you on my messages then it\’s a win
Drag my balls to her face and I know that might be kinda weird
I hit a wall getting chased by some cops \’cause I couldn\’t steer
I just been at home eating good, that\’s why I\’m getting fat
This ain\’t no beer belly, yeah, I\’m getting full on making racks
And she dance all the molly all the way over to my place
Yeah, real spinners know you don\’t go shopping on a Friday
I got my bitch in the kitchen and she whooping up a fried egg
And every time I wake up, yeah, it kinda feels like my day
I got big room, big AMGs and big Lambs
Fell asleep in first class and don\’t know where I\’m gonna land
Got some leg room in this whip, I think that I could stand
And the only time my opps can see me? When the bitch right in the stands
I\’on even really care how many beats I\’m \’boutta get on
This is like the ninth beat I went on on this damn song
And maybe on the last one I\’ll sing like Trey Songz
And before I do, I\’m gonna take a hit out this damn bong (That\’s it)
Fucking on a bad bitch and I\’on think that I would fit
Yeah, the pussy good, but baby, how do you contribute to my spinach?
Yeah, I\’m never on the losing team and I\’on think that you would get it
How the hell did you spend a band on jeans?
And you ain\’t even got a belt to pick up those damn jeans
And I just got a lotta time to catch up some Z\’s
\’Cause I don\’t think that anyone is catching up to me
And if you try to catch up to me, I\’ma beat you up
While I do the macarena, I\’ma fucking beat you up
And if I can\’t beat you up, I\’ma have someone beat you up
I wonder how many times I\’ma have to fucking beat you up?

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