Tre $avage (USA) – $øuth$ide $üicide Lyrics

$øuth$ide $üicide Lyrics

Tre $avage (USA)
Like, what the fuck you say bro, like-
I don\’t understand nothing you\’re saying
Like all I hear is-
Everyone talking shit bout me, saying that I\’m fake, trash
How am I going to prove them-?

Southside suicide? I don\’t know, nothing\’s right
I said southside suicide, I don\’t know, ride or die
Ride or die, nothing\’s left
I don\’t know, \”I\’m the best\”
I\’m the worst, from the w-, east
I mean-, huh, I\’m the-, yeah
I don\’t know and-, live in a dungeon
Don\’t even know, no discussion
Done with that shit, I\’m not really running
I\’m not no freaking pump, man
I\’m not running, I don\’t know, I\’m not gunning
Everything is not the same, everything-

Southside suicide? I don\’t even know
You were-, you were my ride or die

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