TMG Kao$ – Cure Lyrics

Cure Lyrics

Its to time shine
Put my feelings to the side
Young king on the rise
Praise me as the juvenile
Cure to the blindness
Things been changing all around
But i still remain the same
I duck my ego and my pride
Im on my way home
I dont need that crown no more
Young kaos up and coming
Level up no sophomore
I aim for the discipline
No backing out i stay regime
All these cats sound the same
I be the hair that you seek
Let me preach
But dont get it twisted
I\’m human as well
All my flaws im trynna rest em
Speak to the truth to this mic
For my bars i should be arrested
But I ain\’t trynna rest man
Find my self thats the best thing

Find my self thats the best thing

Everyday is a new test
The world we living it is pressed
Social media got us stressed
All these people thinking less
Holding on to a pattern
Lose their balance from within
So concerned about the image
We lost the way to our selves
I won\’t lie
I been slave to this game
I won\’t hide
To make a change i remain
Overcome my fears
Play my part i restrain
I got my back on my own
Now I ain\’t afraid to make change
Now I ain\’t afraid to make a change
I was drowning in the depths
But still i found my way
Cut the toxic people off
Who dont wanna see you win
Keep the good people in check
It will define who you is


Im still dreaming about the millions
Get my momma what she needs
Prove to her that Im different
Get my father what he wants
Give my people what they missing
Im on the league of my own
I ain\’t got no competition

I ain\’t got no competition man

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