The Case Load Crew – Dr C PHD Philosophy (Canibus Remix) Lyrics

Dr C PHD Philosophy (Canibus Remix) Lyrics

The Case Load Crew
How many times can The Creator say the same thing?
I guess we\’re about to find out huh?
To whom much is given, much more is required
You can’t douse the fire in the minds of men, WHY?
B/c desire is the primary proto emotion
An when that mind is awoken, creation in a vacuum
Is as powerful as unbridled chaos out in the open
Many are always called, only few are chosen
From a slither to a crawl to a bipedal sprint the spell is broken, triggering spirit to unbind and be emboldened
To lose interest in the \”S\” Curve of the Cobra –
Twisting n turning daily roller coasters
In exchange for unlimited exploration beyond the Singular Solar
B / C & X Class explosions, the matrix is broken
The Binary Dragon approaches as TRULeeThePoet
It\’s your turn to put\’em on notice
That the screen credits are rolling, I say GOOD
It’s Happening , just like our Ancestors said it would
EVERYTHING else is a lie, from every angle they try
But The Real & The Righteous NEVER Die !!!
And in spite of our denial
Of this Esoteric Prison we find ourselves inside
And with that said, We Ain\’t Even Live Yet ! maybe we\’re all dead
& ENERGY is the only thing that\’s TRULee ALIVE
Good or Bad, Energy is the only thing that survives
Who does your energy belong too? Yeah – It\’s time to pick a side
So Mirror Mirror on the wall, the reflection you showin\’ is a Lie, Cause the True Sons and Daughters of The One & ONLY
Creator knows who is and will Always be the MOST HIGH

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