TG Flockaa – WTF | From The Block Performance Lyrics

TG Flockaa

Graah graah boom

What the fuck
Pussy ass kids man
Like what the fuck
Them lil\’ niggas is dead
Graah graah boom
Every opp shot
Like what
Gang, gang, gang, gang

I be totin\’ knockers when I be in traffic
What the fuck I look like lackin\’
Up it and flock it, no passin\’
I\’m tryna put a nigga in the casket
They was shootin\’ basket, now these niggas rappin\’
Never caught a hit, why you cappin\’
My niggas spinnin\’ we make this shit happen
Free WestDot, free PDot, free JDot, free Kay Flock
Niggas always be talkin\’ what they\’re not
Talk on JP and I\’m leavin\’ your face hot
That\’s a face shot, shit\’s nasty
I was totin\’ backin\’ up in Cali
Fuck that internet shit, drop addy
Hot bitch with the lick get nasty
Bad lil bitch she callin\’ me daddy
I beat up the pussy, I\’m beatin\’ it badly
Wait, what the fuck is a sally
You gon\’ die tryna stop with that shit
Whеn y\’all niggas never caught a hit
Niggas always fallin\’ for a bitch
Wake up, your man\’s in a spliff
And nonе of ya niggas ain\’t never do shit
Slide through their block, don\’t run don\’t trip
I be with them niggas who started that shit
Bendin\’ blocks we gon\’ park up the whip
We gon\’ go in AP\’s and we makin\’ it lit
Catch Yus Gz, that\’s a hit
I\’ma make that nigga body flip
All y\’all niggas do is politic
But I\’m \’bout to make it, I don\’t give a shit
Like, why these bitches always on my dick
Shawty was dancin\’, widlin\’ on a grip
Hold thight, she was feelin\’ a stick
Hop out, send shots, run out the whip
When we slide through their block they gon\’ run like they rick
It gets better, just hope they don\’t trip
Totin\’ the knock when I post on the Fifth
I can never be dumb, can\’t slip
The backdoor open, I can\’t even trip
\’Cause I know I\’m prepared for that shit
Backdoor, who you gon\’ dare use your grip
Niggas be cappin\’ and lyin\’ and shit
When it be the niggas that\’s dyin\’ and shit
Like, ? gon\’ slide with the grip like
That\’s a bitch, you can die with the bitch
Like what, I\’m on timin\’ lil bitch
Catch me a OY I\’ma fire the grip
I can never rely on a bitch
\’Cause these bitches gon\’ fuck \’cause I\’m lit
They don\’t know what I did for this shit
Lil days off, bitch, part of my drip
And your nigga, bogus shit
He can\’t even afford to go buy you a fit
But me, why would I worry about fits
I could be broke and still fuck your bitch
Give me a year and I\’m gon\’ be rich
Niggas was sayin\’ I won\’t be shit
Now all their baby mothers want my dick
? baby mothers since a jit
Now all their baby mothers suckin\’ dick
They just laid back \’till they shit
Niggas like 40 always on my dick
Like, in my hood then gon\’ pay you respect
\’Cause they know what I did for my Sev
Any boy actin\’ crazy gettin\’ left
Chaser gon\’ blow you, put that on the Sev
And y\’all know that everything\’s for Mezzy
Talk on bro and I\’m leaving you deady
? JB and I\’m ready
Thirty clip on me I\’m bout to get heavy
I\’ma show these niggas who the stompers
Go to court and then lie to your ?
Startin\’ shit \’cause I know I\’ma starter
Stay with my nine, call me Tony Parker
Everyday this shit gon\’ get harder
You just gotta maintain, go further
Don\’t quit, work harder
It\’s just me and my niggas solvin\’ all these problems

Graah graah boom
Every opp shot
I was gone for a lil\’ minute too
Word to my mother, I\’m back

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