TG Crippy – No More Heroes: Red Light Freestyle Lyrics

No More Heroes: Red Light Freestyle Lyrics

TG Crippy
: TG Crippy
Gang, Gang, Gang
Every Opp Shot
Grahh, (Grahh, Grahh, Grahh,), Grahh, Grahh, Grahh (
Yo Jay how you feel about this one?

: TG Crippy
TG here, don’t run, don’t trip, Yea I said it before, ima say it again
Who That? In the Benz, that look like a opp and we throw 1-10 (Grahh, Grahh, Grahh, Boom)
Whoever that is I won’t see him again, send him up just to meet with his friend
And I just came home and I’m tweaking again, she like TG link up cause you know I’m with friends
She hit me up but never again, that bitch is a thot she was never a 10
Hop Out, send shots, do it again, me and Kenzo the real evil twins (Grahh, Grahh, Grahh, Grahh, Boom)
Smokin’ on Notti, for the win that dumb little nigga went out like a bitch
You should’ve been totin’ yo knock on the train (What)
Nigga died, now DD got famе
DD just get of my dick, niggas don’t even know you, stop looking for clout you a lamе (You a little ass kid)
Notti died, they ain’t let it flame (Wtf)
Caine died tryna get away (Grahh, Grahh)
And I said that I’m Oyk in JB’s face and he ain’t do a thing
Niggas be pussy, they keep it 1,000, and I do what I want and my money keep ballin’ (Like What?, Grahh, Grahh, Boom)
Give a fuck what you say, you look butt
Niggas run when I pop out the cut
That nigga dumb if you think I won’t up (Like What?)
20 shots, 3 shots, hittin’ him up (They hittin’ him up)
Like, off the liquor she eatin’ it up
Like, off the perk, yea I’m beatin’ it up
Niggas be dyin’, I’m keeping it tucked, I ain’t lacking for nobody, nigga you dumb (Lil’ nigga you dumb)
Yus got shot 3 times get back, Lotti K he ain’t coming back
Rah Rah got shot in the back of the cab (Like What?)
Caine got tripped, got turned into a pack
? got slept in the whip, that’s a fact
Like, how many niggas got turned into a pack
Mezzy gang, yea this shit is forever
Never lack, gotta keep a buretta?
He tried to first, so I shot threw the sweater
You never got back, how you got it together
Nigga, you better tie up your lace (Wtf)
I ain’t sayin this shit for a race
When I slide to your block, don’t run, don’t trip, like, like, don’t fall on your face
Like, every opp shot all them niggas is plates
DOA, everything dead
He tried to run he got shot in his head
Walkdown gang, niggas heard what I said
Hop out the V, they fled
Where the landt, Shit dead, creep through the 8, with the sev
Oh, y’all like 1 of they gangs go ahead, they ain’t never get back for they dead
Speak up I ain’t hear what you said (Like What)
She wanna link but I left her on read, and I gave her the dick, and she ran
Mike Amiri, be the pants, brown skin, nice body, gotta tan
In the foreign, used to be a van
Walk around, I got fans, like look at my closet, couple bands (Like What?, Grahh, Grahh)
Them boys need to stop it, they just fans, know a couple niggas hating on they mans
It’s 5 on chops, they can’t stand a chance (Like What)
Know they hatin’ cause they see we up, niggas baby mothers’ wanna fuck it up
I’m just walking round’ with my double cup (Like What?)
Mindin’ my business, that’s facts
Like, fuck all these bitches, they wack (Y’all wack)
Why you tryna kiss me get back, baby girl I ain’t with allat’ (Get Back)

Grahh, Grahh
Grahh, Grahh

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