Tata – Miss Me (One Mic Freestyle) Lyrics

Miss Me (One Mic Freestyle) Lyrics


Every opp shot, everything dead
41 shots to the head (Grahh)

Only been two weeks, and I\’m in too deep
Look in her eyes, I don\’t know what to see
Like, I be telling myself that I love her, but I just love when that bitch in my sheets
If she knew, she would think I\’m a creep
And my knocker just like a computer, and I\’m pressing delete (Grrt baow)
Every day I argue with my ex
On bro, I don\’t be getting sleep
Like, how you fuckin\’ with one of my opps
I went through her memories pressing deletе
And that bitch be actin\’ like a fan
All thesе other rapper niggas beef
When that bitch left me, I was at my lowest
I pray ? damn

Grahh, grahh
You know we recognize a fishy nigga
You know we recognize a fishy nigga
You know we slappin\’ this shit out the mud
Shit out the fuckin\’ mud, nigga
Send 41 shots
Never takin\’ nothing for nobody, nigga
You know everybody shot, nigga
Never takin\’ nothing for nobody
Every opp shot, everything dead (grrt)
41 shots to the head

Stuck in my head, I be high
All this shit be racin\’ through my head
And my new shorty just left for college, I think I\’m breakin\’ up with that bitch next
Like, and I know her roommate a thotty, and all of her friends is ?
Like, that bitch like boys and girls, like there\’s no way she\’s not having sex
And I know I\’m soundin\’ insecure, I\’m not, I just know how these bitches get
And she be actin\’ like a fan too, on bro I be getting me fed
I get this bitch on the ?
She thinks she misses everything dead?
Damn, and I got this nice lil\’ bitch on the ?, I\’m boutta to put her to the test
Young-young nigga, I\’m really rich, I never needed a bitch (huh)
Never believed in a bitch, I might never put my seed in a bitch, damn
Damn, damn, how you tell me you love me then switch?
All these bitches, don\’t know who to pick, on my way to the top and it\’s happening quick
Like, she don\’t know that I know what she did, so she be thinkin\’ that she slick
I can never look at her the same, I look at her face and get sick (Like, damn)
And I caught feelings for this girl, she got money, and she type lit
? type dick
Fuck these bitches, I\’m trying to get rich, damn

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