ST33L – Anime Scythe Users Cypher Lyrics

Anime Scythe Users Cypher Lyrics

1: ST33L
Wathcu doing?
Tryna fuel him
When I swing the scythe
I\’ve been hunting for these withces
Just to take their lives
S class, can\’t go lower
With these skills of mine
Judge you on the court
Find you guilty, now it\’s time to die

Runnin it back
Tussle the pack
I\’ll be running with kid
Reach to the stars
Make em see black
Keep my tool by my hip
Seep through the crack
Taking your laugh
Throw you down in a ditch
Let the witch hunt
Or be hunted
Turn em to a wisp

Leave a soundful mind
Inside a soundful body
Take a soundful soul
And kill it\’s 死神 (Shinigami)
Chop you up
With the sound of my name
But if they over 300
Then one smash makes it game

Near me
Anything sure can occur
Snakes & spiders
Damage blurs
Lay em into pieces
When the black blood
Starts to massacre

With the soul
Sure as hell can leave a surgeon down
But this bitch is boutta
Send you 6 feet in the ground

Whos that?
A psychopath
All bandage wrapped
An i am on the attack
Casually murderin families
Always on that mentality
This scythe or knife
Will leave you diced
Decapitate or mutilate
What can i say
Its fun okay

People perish everyday
Couldn\’t count all the lives I\’ve taken
God forsaken
Dont care what the lords been sayin
Been through hell yet i still made it
Fuck that
I\’m how i want to be
If someone thinks they can control
Then best believe they\’ll be deceased

Rest in pieces
I\’m lovin the things
That im doin an seein
A horror film
Turnin me to a demon
Im lovin the stabbin an slicin an screaming
Killin for no reason
Other than to please me

All of the bodies all over the floor
I\’m spilling your blood
And i want even more
Anger building up inside me
But who the fuck you think this scythe is for?
A psycho, monster, murderer
An you a decomposing corpse

Show no remorse
I love the gore
The people morn
Then die when im bored
I love to kill no matter what
I promise to tear out your guts
You asked for death
Consider it done

3: ThatKidScott
Okay now back it up
Your bitch she cannot see my SMILE
But she still back it up
And I been putting on some muscles
Talking pack it up
So don\’t you set up on my ship
Go on and pack it up
You stacking up
He stacking up
I\’m stacked n\’ up

I send you to the god of your religion
Call for allah you
From south side
You piss me off and then i come for all of you
Whatever be your bounty
I won\’t stop until mine doubles you
I slash and slash and slash and slash
Until i get the W
Messing with the kid
You get the left right
Swinging two scythe
Come into sight
You step onto site
Can\’t rep two sides
You get slight
So call me the massacre solider
Scull upon my chess like punisher
My scythes will be for everyone
I punish him i punisher

2 hunned milli try and keep up pace
I say okay
My metal bring the bass
Yeah bitch i say okay
The hunt is on to find the place
Mask on

4: Lil Blake
Killing these losers doing it all for joshin\’
Join the Akatsuki I can drop 9 bodies
Chop my head off but you can’t drop me
I’m just better than a freakin\’ zombie
Put some many in a freakin\’ cemetery
Not a monster but I am so super scary
Scythe in my hand now I’m going crazy
Killed your sensei man I was being lazy
Blood everywhere I call that a work of art
I can survive without a freakin heart
Now watch me chop off your body parts
Let me think which one I should freakin start
Swinging this blade around feel like a mad man
All these shinobis should have freakin ran
Try to kill something that you don’t understand
See my freakin brand, you\’re already a Deadman

5: Pure chAos Music
It\’s like the second coming!
A godly force in the human form!
Fillin\’ up the morgue with these mortals of who conformed!
Erase \’em!
Startin\’ at it\’s source!
Leave the useless scorched!
Entire populations to the core! Until they are no more!
Get \’em!
Your form is a mockery!
Couldn\’t perform if you copied me!
You were the source of the force that I forged to the God you see!
Stockin\’ up bodies; the odyssey!
It\’s gettin\’ grim in a minute!
Your meeting your finish!
I\’m majorly changin\’ your time-line!
It\’s prime time that the sin is diminished
And never replenished!
In my mind
I\’m drawin\’ a fine line! You\’ll sway me in no way!
Don\’t get it confused, you\’re raisin\’ to blue
Still you\’re gonna stay down below me! That\’s low play!
These noodles are loose like it\’s lunch rush!
I throw \’em away like it\’s lo mein!
The littlest sip you\’ll be punch drunk!
\’Cuz bitch you can\’t handle this Rosé!
I lay \’em to rest like the angel of death!
I\’m above you, your reach is a wasted attempt!
When\’s this man\’s plan to fill the grand canyon
With the bodies of all of the graves I collect!
Take every shot while I sit in my placement!
You will be in for amazement!
Push all these rodents and roaches back into their basement!
They will be faced with obliteration!

6: Leo Barqui
Drip of red and eyes of silver send you home like Ruby slippers
Hear the click three times, the Dot’s on your head, spin the clip, no twister
Billy (bully) for you if you fear the Reaper, death see through your capping
Riding in my Hood, we axe your wood, you tryna wolf the classic
I got the gang behind me, Operators how the RNJRs siding
Shell from the fade like Mighty, turn you to dust with the same you biting
You think I’m folding as if I’m the weapon I wield, then you headed for rudest awakens
Two like the holding of Bumblebee hands how the twins in my grip burn you up like it’s Salem
No time to think about myself
Gotta make them fly whenever they want help
I can scan the sky, been turned to a dark hell
But I’ll be alright as long as their mind tells
How to get me and my crew to the end of the line
You’re never seeing us again, couldn’t kill me in time
I’m a Remnant, meaning if they left me behind
I’m coming back to my Beacon, whether real or inside
The best day of my life is when I met you all again
So whether food for thought or not, wanna swap the weapon for a pen
I’ve made a killing in this world, life so Grimm I had to spend
All my time helping my people and stay looking for my friends

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