Splitzismyname – STRIP_2_FAM.mp3 (Talent Show Submission) Lyrics

STRIP_2_FAM.mp3 (Talent Show Submission) Lyrics


Since when do you listen to me? I\’m a moron!

I\’m in the GTR I swerve
Remember the days down bad on the curb
These haters be hating they got some nerve
I throw a swish, it ain\’t finna curve
He talking that heat, its fire that\’s served
My life is a blessing, no its not a curse
I told my opps to go take a walk
Making money I don\’t stop
When I\’m outside gotta stay on the block cause they type to the feds yea they type to the cops
If you wanna hate then just stay in your lane if you talk to my face you get done like the rock
Woke up feeling groovy my life is a movie I look at the camera to get a shot
P0Its mad crazy how they switch
You hate me, take a hitch
These people invite me to go out places, but id rather not rather tell them I\’m sick
And they finna tell me this rapping is easy but it\’s really not gotta think off the rip
I\’m counting up blue and its hunnids on hunnids on hunnids on hunnids but I\’m not a Crip
I stay at the venue I\’m doing these shows imma talk to the crowd and then I\’m finna dip
I keep holding grudges against all the odds and I\’m finna crush competition like a chip
You talk on the mic but you sweet like ketchup
Smack talk, you new meta
He staying mad cause he isn\’t rich
He try to join us but got left in a ditch
I got this plug to run down on a strip
Feel like a medic cause I got a kit
I\’ll be back give me fifteen minutes
I\’m in the movie with fifteen clips
I count this money got fifteen digits
Young Jit flexing I\’m fifteen
I\’m really up went from rags to riches
Imma be up b4 16
I need a beat imma call up bro 6
How you cuffing a dime with five to your wrist?
Don\’t talk to these rappers cause rappers is clones
In the fast lane like I\’m Lightning McQueen
They hating on me, now they in the dirt
Not givin\’ up now causeI\’m not in a hearse
In front of his pack, he talk for the verse
He talking that smack, I diss him the worst
I hop on the track, you know imma spaz
I\’m in the V and I step on the gas
I don\’t need no rizz, don\’t need no pizzaz
I got a life sum these people don\’t have
I hop on the mic, these words are my ammo
I\’m in the field like the eagles
I got a dog on me not no beagle (What?)
I step on these beats yeah like a beetle (Yeah!)
I\’m making plays like I play for the seagulls
Wait, I mean the seahawks
I was down bad with them e-rocks
I\’m fifteen getting views
You fifteen shopping on Shien
I\’m fifteen making that money
I\’m in the field y\’all ain\’t nothing like me
I got this game in the palm of my hands
They worshipping me like my name Dirty Dan

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