Speezy OTB – Do Or Die Lyrics

Do Or Die Lyrics

Speezy OTB

Let me do this for my dog like I’m John Wick. Like you sitting on the bench and this is game six. wembanyama when I work my wrist. Play ya role yu Chris rock and I’m Will Smith. The fresh Prince but the bed I’m in king size. with a queen that let me in between last night. if Word is bond, then I’m 007 really ain’t no second-guessin. The answers out of the question. Can’t help but question niggas win they say they. doing shit that no ones done before. like no ones ever opened up a window or a door. But Whatevеr helps you sleep at night you really need it more. Moral of thе story if it’s coming from the heart then the people gone, fill it. stop trying to emulate the feeling. stories of you drug dealing killing isn’t gangsta you just use it as an image. Know some real niggas that was molded in them trenches. Ain’t make it out them trenches. Ain\’t coming home for Chrismas. Chess moves how we movin on our Ps & Qs. It’s a different kind of loss when you got shit to lose. It’s a different kind of struggle when it’s only you. It’s a different kind of crazy when you know the truth. It’s a different kind of feeling that you tryna find. look inside yourself and you could find a sign. This that Prince Roger Nelson revolution flow. For my Eastside nigga who I do it fo. and if I ain’t fuckin with you, that’s on you though. Would someone tell these Niggas chasing cloud is fools gold. The homie Kola out in Hollywood Hit me like speez, you closer than you think keep it pee. The pressures only going to get greater for the greatest and my story been the same since the basement. Hanh! Put one in the air let it burn now. Put one in the air let it burn now. Middle finger in the air as I burn out

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