Soulja Boy – Put Myself In the Game Lyrics

Put Myself In the Game Lyrics

Nigga, what the fuck?
Ayy, Hoop, where you at, nigga?

Most these niggas lame, put myself in the game
Zone 1 west side block, we known for takin\’ chains
Don\’t come on my block, we spray switches, we insane
Walk a nigga down, boy, don\’t snitch, you ain\’t seen a thing
Huh, you know \’bout money gang, kick-door gang, KD gang
You know \’bout Draco man, spray this chopper, nigga, no range
Huh, they know I\’m coppin\’ chains, coppin\’ rings, doin\’ my thing
When niggas sneak diss on my name, man, they say that I\’m insane
\’Cause they know we shootin\’ first, step on shit, take everything
Blitz on niggas, switch with sticks, nigga, don\’t say that shit again
Walk a nigga down, hit the strip club, make it rain
Stupid bitch ain\’t suckin\’ dick, make her walk in the rain
Cuban link a Lambo\’ coupe, pinky ring a Rover Range
Spеnt an M for my chain, they say, \”Draco, you insane\”
We gon\’ stеp on your homie if you diss on me again
I done froze all my jewelry up, this shit cost eighty M
Brought my wrist out the gym, bitch, I want like twenty bill\’
No cap, you jump up in that water, boy, you better swim
Last week, like twenty M\’s
Pussy nigga, you ain\’t him
Diss on gang, we gon\’ spin
Every day, I spend a ten
Step on niggas just like Timbs
Spin on niggas just like rims
He was dissin\’ on my name, but he can\’t speak again
Leave a nigga in the wind
7.62s hit your chin
Nigga, let this shit begin
I done walked in with them M\’s (Draco)

The return of Draco, nigga, you know, but I ain\’t never left, nigga
M\’s on your head, nigga, you heard what I said, nigga
Step on your head, nigga, everything red, nigga
Big bags, I ain\’t goin\’ out sad, nigga
No mask, KDG, nigga

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