Soulja Boy – Bricks, Chopsticks, & Uzi's Lyrics

Bricks, Chopsticks, & Uzi’s Lyrics

: Soulja Boy
Yeah, ayy, ayy, shh, Draco
Know what the fuck goin\’ on

1: Soulja Boy
Uh, fifty-some shots, this shit not a thing
Ayy, walk up in this bitch and I make it rain
Huh, then I bought the house, then I bought a chain
Shh, huh, hundred-some shots out the AR-15
Shh, huh, kick-door gang, we take everything
Huh, fifty shots, don\’t play with that gang
Yeah, hood fame, get money, Lil Ronnie know we gettin\’ money
VVS two-tone Cuban link cost a whole hundred
West side, Zone 1, bricks, chopsticks, and Uzis
Shh, huh, in my trap house, smokin\’ stupid fruity

2: G$ Lil Ronnie
Ain\’t no walkin\’ in my trap unless you coppin\’, pussy (At all)
This ain\’t no reggie pack, you tryna snatch, you get this batch, you caught a skoozie (Literally)
Huh, flunked all of my classes, you know my pockets stupid (Dummy)
You find a fifty in my stack, I\’m coochie
Bitch, and my soda black as Boosie
Cashеd out, bought a batch of cruises (Batch of cruises)
Could\’ve wеnt and bought a chain (Bought a chain)
Bought Percocets for a piece of change
Don\’t keep it plain, we keep the cleanest drank

3: Soulja Boy
Damn, lil\’ bro slidin\’ in a minivan
Shh, how the fuck he sellin\’ bricks on his Instagram?
Damn, walk him down, look him in his face
Backend gang, for the club, it\’s a hundred K

4: G$ Lil Ronnie
Hmm, uh, hop up out the Wraith and turn it to a chase (Go)
He\’ll Ricky \’fore he hit the gate, we will not let an opp get away (At all)
Ain\’t no goin\’ to get no chicken, we blessed any day (Nigga)
Slide Hellcats, ARPs shootin\’ up in his face

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