Soraxxel – Äs Nödt Lyrics

Äs Nödt Lyrics

I Jus Wanna Go Wanna Fall Away
I’m Trapped In My Mind Wanna Run Away
Heard That She Hates Me Wanna Blow My Brain
Don’t Advice Helps Me Cuz We’re Not The Same
Sora Not The One Axel Not The One

I Don’t Give A Fuck Bout No One
Just Myself
Why Should I Trust These Niggas They Want Wealth
I Do Not Need These People They No Help
I Feed Off Her Fear
Nigga I Need Help
I Need Help
I Put My Head Inside The Noose
This My Last resort
She Said She Doesn’t Fuck With Sora I Can Not Keep Going
My Ego Keep On Tеlling Me That You Must Keep Goin

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