SliQ G – Wrong Side Of The Moon Lyrics

Wrong Side Of The Moon Lyrics

SliQ G
I’m an artist in mind in body in soul
In everything before and after stating my goals
My bankai release will definitely be ‘Flow’
If I was a soul reaper with a blade in my robe
When you make a choice and the journey unfolds
Only the few get to see once you’ve gone ghost
Hot-blooded it may burn in your bones
When the spiritual pressure explodes
Often my mind is saying ‘give it up’ the heart is saying ‘don’t go’
The conflict can be draining to the point of being hollow
‘Causе the harder fight’s between what you feel and what you know
But it’s bеst to find a way around than be a soul lost in sorrow
Yeah it happens almost on a daily basis
Still I draw this sword to cut through every mask I’m facing
All the way with the extension of myself
Even if it might be detrimental to my health
Don’t wear my heart on my sleeve although I have it on hand
And really well out reach so it cannot attach
To anyone easily but when I have to attack
It’s available frequently when the action demands
Such environments require one to quickly adapt
And it’s vital for alignment and consistency man
Fiery soul, really I am
A young nigga tryna double up running towards my victory lap
God bless the hustle so we triple out stats
Fix up my stance, keep the mission intact
The ambedo has me feeling real jittery fam
You can tell from the certain energy signature that
My body is radiating every minute I act
Going out to the world around me and rippling back
Into a mass potential for considerable plans
To execute every bit of em til I collapse

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