Siddhant Pillai – 007 Lyrics

Wake up
Go and brush your teeth now
Take a bath
Get to work
It’s the week now
Feeling kinda bleak ow
Ain’t happy wow
Flip the switch out
Tune in drop out
Hop out cop out
Ain’t a fuckin preacher man
Hit me with the week and damn
I don’t fuck with dinner plans
Renaissance man
Now I\’m Throwing hands X3

with the plan perfect
Baby girl know that it’s worth it
Really won’t stop if you work it
Think that I’m puttin the work in
Talkin the same put the hurt in
Straight from the earth and I’m dirt in
Cobain the brain not worth it
Live with the pain not worth it

Talkin be the same
Hey hey x2

Come and get me now

Talk is cheap
Really do ya seek
Livin life by the week
Locked in to the beat
Independent in the seat
On this on this Hennessy
Tell me tell me do ya see

Lions don’t lose sleep
Over the opinion of sheep
On the road to the riches, money sticking to my cleats
I am moi, magnifique, skin noir, Darky Pee
Ones that ones that post the money, usually have the least

Kissed death and said I’d be back later
You a traitor I’m greater and it’s evident
My presence is a present and I’m hellasent
Omnipresent and my scent is SEX
On to the next one And we text some
Give head and get ahead and then some
Win some, you lose some and then umm
Take it back I think I think been umm

Separation competition chasing on the blame
Pride and jealousy won’t take away your pain
Complain the past the future
Who sir
You sir
Served it on a plate, put away the hate
This ain’t gon the fate, know I’m gettin late
Take me on a date, kill your ego second date
Kill your hate third date, oh wait
Time is money I do in one night aye

Soul emerging, collaborating, know that we working
Dreams attract em, tract the hate n’
Gratitude is just the attitude, lewd and devious
Happy and at bliss, present for the kiss
Miss miss, hiss hiss. Just a snake bite
On that white white
It ain’t right right
Feelin light light
Got this of my chest

I ain’t second best
Put me to the test
Rest in peace
A single song
Gon carry on

outs turned rappers
Talk about perseverance
No clearance
Been through the 7 seas
They don’t really see
Sid P gonna be
Gonna be
Gonna be

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