Shunaji – Bouncy Castles (prod. Chewbeats) Lyrics


Shaken and forsaken and a bit confused
I regret to tell you that I am not your muse
But I could be better the lady homewrecker
Double dutch on the letters of my debt collectors, I…

One word be my vessel to some other bent out time
Tickle all the ivories and couple them with rhymes
Less dimes, more diamonds, not in full, but kind of
I’m a bit beyond valid lavishing no false pretence
Better with some rap than I’ve ever been with sentencing
Endless gin and tonics, worship these canonical remembrances
It makes no sense if you don’t contend with reality
The more redeeming vanities of artistry, what’ll be will be
Wash me up in leaves, greenery, streaming blue seas on DVDs
It’s me, the “one more worry and I’ll be carefree”, you say:
“What does it mean to drown into being?”
Bouncing like I’m spring, blossom me my dearie
Stay weary of theories and…

Don’t forget your consciousness
Don’t forget your consciousness
Don’t forget your conscience

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