Sevenxmir – IS YOU HOMICIDE? Lyrics


: Sevenxmir
Lacking at the light go end his light some shit I’m glad to do
Like da shit I’m sipping all that dissing shit bad for you
Doing all the dissing on the dead but you ain\’t got a gun
Never stop the shooting giving wiggies til the job is done
Niggas selling gats all through the city, you ain’t buying one
Nigga say they shooting tell me why still ain’t u but a gun
Asking if we cool got me asking is you homicide
Asking about lil shh who tried to cut me he is not alive
Turkey or a chicken it don’t matter, we still got him fried
Shoutout lil sparks cuz I know heemy get to sparking them
We don’t do the treating with opps, we don’t talk to them
Better walk the plank cuz if we shoot, you finna walk with them
You a walking vic and we won\’t miss, so ain’t no sliding back
Speaking on my name and you ain’t know me
Niggas die for that
Don’t care if it’s your boyfriends or some niggas
Niggas die for that
Zip him up, welcome to the morgue, here go your body bag
Thought you was goose so tell me how you nigga duck
Like the feather on a Chicken fuck around and get him plucked
You was speaking in that room now nigga know that you a cluck
Yeah I swear they niggas pussy we’ll leave you bleeding for a month
Niggas rip to caso tell them nigga pick him up
Here’s a message to the morgue sincerely Mr. sent him up
Just because you got booked don’t mean you with it
Niggas dumb as fuck
We just let him shitting on himself cuz nigga slumped him up
Died with a battery in his back
Niggas pumped him up
Nigga with no bodies, tell me how you ever clap shit
1 body, 2 body, 3 inside a casket
I can fit a 4 if you really wanna be a past tense
Gotta ask again so tell me nigga is you homicide
Who the fuck is hundo, speak on spazz now he gotta die
Speaking on my name and you ain’t know me, Niggas die for that
Zip him up, welcome to the morgue, here go your body bag

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