SergantAJ – Traitors Lyrics

Traitors Lyrics


And I said, \”that\’s not a camel, that\’s my wife\”

My name is Eren, and my last name\’s Yeager
I\’ll kill all the Titans like my name\’s Terminator
This girl named Annie, yeah, I hate her
Bertholdt and Reiner, you damn traitors
Wow, I really got betrayed
Wow, they \’bout to catch a fade
Mikasa with her blade make them run away
Why they-Why they marching back like this shit is a parade?
Really? They went back to Marley?
Think they\’re gonna stop me with their weak ass army?
Me-Mе and my squad, we pull up to Marley
We kill all your innocеnts, sorry, not sorry
Invading your city, you better pray
I\’ll kill anybody that gets in my way
That War Hammer Titan, she is a buffet
See you later, Reiner, I\’ll see you one day

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