SEDEM – No Lyrics

No Lyrics

Staring in the mirror
Still moving forward though the vision isn’t clear
Sparring with my fears… swimming in my tears
I’ll be fighting for the cause till the day I disappear
Air, water, fire, earth
And I will never stop until I’m laying in the dirt
My condition is disturbed, I’m a villain on the verge
God… please listen to my dirge
The story of a bird forever flying in a closed loop
The house flies settle on the cold food
Running from the past.. running from the future.. running from the present
The answers to my questions
Damn.. what if I did it again?
I think I’m trapped in a prism with no beginning and end
The record never paused..
And time never stopped
It’s the vivid nightmares of the rebel with a cause
Death staring at me from the other side of the room
Carefully watching my every move
I found the treasure on the dark side of the moon
“What do you do when there’s nothing else to prove?”
Woah… no no no no no no
Look into my eyes it’s a world of regret intertwirled with success
I’m just dying on the crest
The dragon of the west… fire on my breath
Breathing into the mic… live and direct

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