I know you wanna tie the knot like lace
But you know I just wanna play
My feelings I just gotta embrace
I keep it breif just like a case

I just wanna score like a goalie
Oh, I\’m a whore I need more meat
Bands, yeah I got a lot
I don\’t really care about it
I just wanna go and count bands with the whole team
Damn, yeah, I got the guap, and you know they stare at it
Yeah, you know I keep it sanitary, keep it so clean
Damn, they want me to stop, and I know they swear by it
I\’m smoking on that rosemary, yeah you know I\’m smoking green

Mission Impossible
Yeah she wanna missionary but I wanna hit it from the back
I be fly like Canary, but I\’m evil, yeah just like a bat
Buy Burbеrry, blue bills, yeah I bought a bag

Yeah, thеy tried to kill me, they could never
Brie with the blue cheese, yeah I count the cheddar
If I\’m in the coochie, you know I do it better
I make her go \”ouu eee\”, I just make her wetter

Oopsie daisy, didn\’t know you had a man
Oopsie daisy, I hope he understands
Scoop, I got it in my pocket
Shoes, Jimmy Choo\’s, yeah you know that I bought it

Oh, ah
Yeah my chopper sing a melody, da da da da da da da
Ooh, da da, you don\’t wanna be my enemy but you can\’t be a friend of me
No, nah nah, I\’m the goat go \”bah bah\”, smokin\’ on grabba
(smokin\’ on grabba, I don\’t want the drama, yeah, smoking on ganja, don\’t wanna hear nada)

Natalie, she wanna go dance, baby
Italy and then we go to France, baby
Tokyo and then we go hit up Japan, baby
Woah, that sounds like a plan, baby

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